Faith, intention and choice


Faith; a very strong word. A belief based on a intangible factor, yet one must understand that this is not based on a belief that is blind to truths. Faith exists, in part I guess, because of the experience of better days, and trust that better days do in fact exist. Faith breathes strength, it also breathes confidence.

Intention; sometimes it’s not the words we speak, but the intentions set within them. A loved one once told me, in efforts to communicate, maybe we should listen to the intention behind the words chosen, understand how these words mean and what they mean to the speaker, and in turn, speak with words in which the receiver understands these to mean to them. Make the effort to connect, and not simply assume that language is perceived and spoken based on a transient assumption. Such transience in meaning of language do exist, but we cannot assume that these do not bear a slightly different meaning to the speaker/receiver.

Choice; that which is based on one’s own, regardless. This is your path, your journey. And I have learnt that often people choose what they want, and not necessarily what they need. As advisors we can only impart our opinions, and maybe even truths of situations, but as decision makers, we often choose what we want and believe is good for ourselves because we want things to be a certain way. Sometimes what we need is hard and difficult, but til the day comes where we realize and decide what we need and what we want should coincide, decisions we make, as adamant as we may feel about it at that point in time, may be wrong and/or may change. And til pride and ego are placed aside, we will always be convinced that the decision made was the right one.



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