Why so serious?

I had a casual conversation on life with a friend some time back in April. Good food and good conversations are what I love. Feels like we’re celebrating life, if anything.

Life, as we know it, is one convoluted ever expanding, contracting, extending and retracting matter. There is constant growth and destruction, we are masters of forming our world, and at the same time, the universe and all its forces will shape us to shape the world in which we perceive in a certain way.

And through all of that, comes with it challenges and events in our life where has no reason, and even if there are reasons, comes to us in the most unexpected way. Events that will test our being by pulling at our heart strings. Sometimes the force will pull so hard, it feels like a huge chunk of self was ripped out.

And as my friend put it, “Don’t take life so seriously. Sometimes we need to deal with the challenges/tragedies by being able to laugh at it. To be able to laugh at ourselves,”

Note that this doesn’t mean to not be serious about anything; when its time to be serious, be serious. But in general, sometimes we need to take a step back. Laugh about the happy things, and let the tension pass.

Think about it this way, when your world is in a state where it needs to extend and push the things around you away, no matter how hard you try, you can’t ever retract it because this is the law of the current state of things…

If we take everything, with a breath first, let the things that need to leave, leave. And on our part, move on with what needs to be done, when it comes for the world to retract back and swing forth other gifts and challenges, it is probable that when that day comes, the amount of “moving on” we did would have prepared us to better receive this swing in the Universe.

In the mean time, breath. The tension will pass, be happy for the simple things.

For we do not know what would eventually be, why worry excessively, when worry does nothing.



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