Photo 29-6-13 2 44 23 PM

Coffee. Good coffee. A good cup cures me of my dragon, fire breathing moods. Coffee is my remedy, has always been, since I discovered its goodness.
In the midst of finding the calm in the series of grave grey days, I am finding myself confronted with thoughts, situations and my own feelings towards them. Being conscious of how I react, I am one to run. I have always been running.

“No more running, says my mind” and I’d be brave, I’ll fight the battles I have to. For life is like that isn’t it?

There is much that lies ahead, but what matters most is not where we will be in that realm of eventuality, but where we are now, and how we make every step we take count towards what we love and what we need and want in this current phase which we live in.


The past is the past, essentially the era of where we lived, where “what once was” resides. But this does not mean that these are dead, wiped out, living in the land of NEVER. The past is still very much alive within us, it has died once, by passing on to the “past” (noun), but essentially it it very much a live. It lives within us, it is the essence of what is making us, in the now, what will be us in the future.




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