Musa paradisiaca a.k.a The Banana


What more can this fruit do for you – apart from being naturally fat and cholesterol free, high in potassium for good nerve and muscle function, with vitamin C for immunity, vitamin B for new cell growth, manganese for bone health and healthy metabolism, fiber and pectin for a healthy digestive system and bowel movement, and providing some level of anti-oxidants?


We all know that as with all fruits, as the banana ripens, it loses some of its benefits. Sugar content also increase. Research however, has found that as the banana ripens, a substance known as TNF – α (Tumor Necrosis Factor) increases, markedly with the dark spots on the skin. The research has concluded that the activity was comparable to that of an intravenously administered immunostimulant, meant as an anti-cancer agent.


“All Hail the Banana!” – WAIT!

Before we stuff our faces with spotty bananas (no go ahead if you already are,) it should be noted that the studies were done on mice. There have been other studies too though, on food and vegetables that might help prevent cancer, where the banana is listed as one of these food items.



I was never a great fan of bananas, but the health benefits has motivated me enough to incorporate a banana on a daily, whether or not it will lower my chances on getting cancer.





Journal Articles here:




The “Orginal Steel” – keeping it klean with the Klean Kanteen

“I’ve never said ‘I’m squeaky clean,’ It is always people who project that image that are hiding something. No one’s squeaky clean,” – Ricky Springfield.

Not unless you’re a Klean Kanteen.

Photo 29-7-13 6 45 03 PM

What, you may ask is this Klean Kanteen? The Klean Kanteen was the first stainless steel hydration bottle introduced back in 2004, to provide people a safe, healthy alternative to plastic. The Klean Kanteen really took off when mainstream media began reporting on the dangers of BPA in 2008.


BPA, or Bisphenol A, is a man-made carbon based synthetic compound belonging to the group of diphenylmethane derivatives and disphenols.

Okay, no, what exactly is BPA?

It is the stuff used to produce plastics – anything from baby bottles to CDs and DVDs, household electronics to sports equipment. It was first synthesized in Russian chemist, A.P Dianin in 1891.

Is BPA harmful?

in 1998, Dr Patricia Hunt found that in mice, exposure to BPA disrupts fetal development. This thus raised a concern in its effects on humans. To date, studies on the effects of BPA have been inconclusive, though a website has claimed that unless you regularly eat 1,300 pounds (590 kilograms) of canned or bottled food a day, you’re probably not going to be affected.

We are all going to die

Eventually yes, but if you’re worried that you may be slowly killing yourself by exposing yourself to BPA, say hello to the Klean Kanteen. Klean Kanteens are BPA free, and made of high quality food grade stainless steel. WIth curvy corners and rounded threads, it leaves no corners for germs and bacteria to hide in. Large round mouth openings also make cleaning easy. 100% Stainless steel environment means that there is no need for internal liners of any sort, this means it won’t retain the flavor of your previous drink, neither will it leave you with a funky taste!


Even if you’re not yet worried about your BPA exposure, nor concerned about our world’s health in terms of plastic pollution, these bottles come in such variety of colors and styles, its hard to resist getting one, for the sake of having one.


“I want my Klean Kanteen!”

Photo 29-7-13 6 46 43 PM

Next step, how do you get your hands on one of these lovely BPA, eco-friendly bottles? With the rise of the hipster culture in Singapore, Klean Kanteen products are not that unheard of. You may wish to purchase your Klean Kanteen from places like Rockstar by Soon Lee, and PACT at Orchard Central. Though these places carry only limited designs and quantities. I ordered mine from – they carry a fuller range (though not the entire range) of Klean Kanteen products, and offer free courier service within Singapore for orders above 150 SGD. Price ranges from 33 SGD and up.

For more information regarding Klean Kanteen, click here.


Book Review (partial) – The Buddha Walks Into A Bar


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Disclaimer: No this is not a religious post or any preachy/holy speech. Promise.

The Buddha Walks Into A Bar – A guide to life for a new generation by Lodro Rinzler

“May those who lose their way and wander in the wild find fellow travelers. And safe from threat of thieves and savage beasts, may they be tireless and their journey light.” – Shantideva

I was introduced to this book by one of the yoga instructors at the studio where I practice at. Inspired, your’s sincerely decide to pick the book up herself. Why this is just a partial review, is because I am still in the progress of reading (and understanding the practices and applying certain techniques) this book.

First, this book is not a book to convince one to turn to Buddhism or to become a Buddhist. Instead, it is about looking at the nips and tips of one’s life and applying Buddhist teachings (dharma) to them. It offers the reader a different point of view on one’s life.

The book explores the four dignities of Shambhala and the three yanas, or vehicles, of traditional Tibetan Buddhism. (Shambhala – in Tibetan Buddhism, a mystical kingdom believed to exist in inner Asia)

T’s thoughts

Rinzler definitely had the “new generation” in mind when writing this book. So far, the book felt like listening to a concerned friend who has been there and done that, after you spilled out your life’s worries and woes to him. I have yet to practice meditation myself, but here are some spoilers/pointers from the book that I believe are definitely handy:

1. The apprehension of the thought without acting on it – by actively labeling angry/emotionally fueled thoughts as “thinking”, and being present with the experience. This equates to experiencing a gap/spaciousness with time when we encounter a situation that gives us that same angry/emotionally filled thoughts. This gives us the chance to not act in the same emotionally fueled manner as we would, but allows us to be present in the moment, “yes I am experiencing this and that”. Full stop.

2. Experiencing the nowness of every moment of life, and that this is sacred – practicing this takes conscious effort, and it is hard.. But very uplifting.

3. “With gentleness, you can achieve all things,” – be gentle to yourself. Be frustrated, be annoyed, but be gentle and forgive, encourage yourself. This acts like a positive reinforcement. I believe too, as with the teachings, that once we are gentle with ourselves, we can be gentle with others.


Read this book if you often find yourself messed up or lost or if you seek a different perspective on life.

The Buddha Walks Into A Bar is available at Kinokuniya Singapore, retailing at 24.48 SGD. You may also purchase the eBook from here.

Proud moment – FeeLim Photography


The budding photographer behind FeeLim photography (a.k.a my BFF) debuts, in the group exhibition under The Apprenticeship Program by noisesingapore at the Singapore Arts Museum Annex, SAM at 8Q.

The Apprenticeship Program gives aspiring artistes/hobbyists practicing in the fields of art, design, illustration, comics or photography the opportunity to work with established and well-known industry professionals. Under their mentorship, apprentices will also get to create a set of works which is exhibited in the TAP group exhibition (which is held in conjunction with the Singapore Biennale).

The Photographer
The photographer behind FeeLim photography is one of the apprentices of TAP2013. Abundance – her selection of works uses techniques of double exposure, bringing together two chronologically impossible events to show that giving and receiving can entwine in the most wonderful ways possible. The series documents how Food From the Heart, an NGO, solves the problem of food wastage by transferring the bakeries’ burden of excess food, to needy families. When speaking to the photographer of her works, she had mentioned that one of the elderly persons interviewed, his only dream in life was to own a new set of bed sheets!

A little more about FeeLim
FeeLim – a colloquial pronounciation of the word “Film” – is a playful photography movement started by my dear friend, Samantha. Some facts about FeeLim:

1. The photographer only uses analog cameras – that means FILM ONLY
2. The photographer does anything from graduation to pre-wedding shoots, you may view the site here
3. Her works are also available on Society 6 as iPhone cases. You may choose to order from here .

The Friend
The photographer and I have been friends since way back in 2003 (we were two small blur ambitious adolescent fools then by the way), and today’s gala night, standing infront of her wall of works was definitely a proud event. For the 10 years of heartbreaks, celebrations, life changing moments and silly moments, here’s to another 10 years of friendship, and many more years after too.

Head down to 8Q sam to catch FeeLim photography, as well as works from other very inspiring budding artistes. Exhibition runs until September 1. For more information, please visit the Noise Singapore website.




Learning to walk sets you free. Learning to dance gives you the greatest freedom of all: to express your whole self, the person you are. (Melissa Hayden)