Desire to be free.The only constraints are those that have been constructed in your mind.

Allow yourself to feel. Never deny yourself this. Logic is reliable at best, but movement without feelings become mechanic. “It is not how you move, but what moves you,” – this is a theme often spoken of to dancers. Remember that you’re only human, not a robot.

Let emotions pass through you like water. At times, it could be like a constant stream of calm, and other times they crash hard and violently in waves. Remind yourself that it will pass, and each time the waves crash upon you, chains that limit you are being broken.

Remember your worth, We command the respect we believe we deserve. Remember your value, but also remember how small you really are in the universe. Pride yourself in being you, but be humble about it.

Have faith. It goes a long way. Sad are the ones who have none to give to others, and who have none of their own, for this just breeds displeasure in everything that doesn’t live up to standard.


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