Proud moment – FeeLim Photography


The budding photographer behind FeeLim photography (a.k.a my BFF) debuts, in the group exhibition under The Apprenticeship Program by noisesingapore at the Singapore Arts Museum Annex, SAM at 8Q.

The Apprenticeship Program gives aspiring artistes/hobbyists practicing in the fields of art, design, illustration, comics or photography the opportunity to work with established and well-known industry professionals. Under their mentorship, apprentices will also get to create a set of works which is exhibited in the TAP group exhibition (which is held in conjunction with the Singapore Biennale).

The Photographer
The photographer behind FeeLim photography is one of the apprentices of TAP2013. Abundance – her selection of works uses techniques of double exposure, bringing together two chronologically impossible events to show that giving and receiving can entwine in the most wonderful ways possible. The series documents how Food From the Heart, an NGO, solves the problem of food wastage by transferring the bakeries’ burden of excess food, to needy families. When speaking to the photographer of her works, she had mentioned that one of the elderly persons interviewed, his only dream in life was to own a new set of bed sheets!

A little more about FeeLim
FeeLim – a colloquial pronounciation of the word “Film” – is a playful photography movement started by my dear friend, Samantha. Some facts about FeeLim:

1. The photographer only uses analog cameras – that means FILM ONLY
2. The photographer does anything from graduation to pre-wedding shoots, you may view the site here
3. Her works are also available on Society 6 as iPhone cases. You may choose to order from here .

The Friend
The photographer and I have been friends since way back in 2003 (we were two small blur ambitious adolescent fools then by the way), and today’s gala night, standing infront of her wall of works was definitely a proud event. For the 10 years of heartbreaks, celebrations, life changing moments and silly moments, here’s to another 10 years of friendship, and many more years after too.

Head down to 8Q sam to catch FeeLim photography, as well as works from other very inspiring budding artistes. Exhibition runs until September 1. For more information, please visit the Noise Singapore website.



One comment

  1. Thanks for the shout out about Noise Singapore 2013 Festival Showcase and FeeLim 🙂 We love that our young artists have such great supporters, glad you enjoyed the exhibition!

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