Musa paradisiaca a.k.a The Banana


What more can this fruit do for you – apart from being naturally fat and cholesterol free, high in potassium for good nerve and muscle function, with vitamin C for immunity, vitamin B for new cell growth, manganese for bone health and healthy metabolism, fiber and pectin for a healthy digestive system and bowel movement, and providing some level of anti-oxidants?


We all know that as with all fruits, as the banana ripens, it loses some of its benefits. Sugar content also increase. Research however, has found that as the banana ripens, a substance known as TNF – α (Tumor Necrosis Factor) increases, markedly with the dark spots on the skin. The research has concluded that the activity was comparable to that of an intravenously administered immunostimulant, meant as an anti-cancer agent.


“All Hail the Banana!” – WAIT!

Before we stuff our faces with spotty bananas (no go ahead if you already are,) it should be noted that the studies were done on mice. There have been other studies too though, on food and vegetables that might help prevent cancer, where the banana is listed as one of these food items.



I was never a great fan of bananas, but the health benefits has motivated me enough to incorporate a banana on a daily, whether or not it will lower my chances on getting cancer.





Journal Articles here:




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