Inevitability of ends – how beautifully terrifying

“To know something is inevitable is one thing. To accept, to truly feel it…that’s different,” – Michael Haneke

Inevitability – It is only in the recent months has the word revealed its beauty. In particular, the beauty that lies in the inevitability that everything has an end.

A Little Philosophy

In Martin Heidegger’s writings on the Being, in Being and Time, where he presents and argues for the concept of exitentialism, – “what is important is not “death itself,” but dying, the manner in which the human being lives as it aims toward death.”

If I may move away from Death, and relate this to Ends in general, the attitudes we have towards Ends, and the journey to the end is where the beauty lies therein.

What hasn’t been, can’t have an end

For something to reach an end, it must have first existed. Though this may seem to be the start of a vicious cycle (like the chicken and the egg story), lets just leave it as that; For an end, it must have first existed; its existence must have been, in order for it to come into passing. What has not yet existed, or what does not exist, cannot possibly have an end.

And our attitudes towards ends

What could be more beautiful – the idea of the inevitable end gravitates us to live, love, laugh, play in the best way we know how, and the best way we can. The awareness of ends leads the soul to be thirsty for experience.


I can relate. We all fear experiencing the end; especially the end of something or someone we love and cherish. It is normal. But let not fear apprehend; I believe fear can be a source of strength, a motivator, a reminder. To love and live each day, in the means and ways you know best. And there can be no regrets.

Altogether Now

Our fear, and the attitudes it brings about, and the fact that only things that exist has ends, is where we can view the beauty from. When we accept the inevitable end of the things we love, we accept their existence in the first place. Knowing that it has existed, is an experience no one can ever rob you of. And you know it is real. Being aware of the end of brings about an attitude towards life that encourages a hunger; to never take anything for granted. It brings you back to living fully in the moment, and not letting experiences fly by you without noticing the nuances and the beauty that lies in each individual part that make up the entire experience. And fear, that just motivates us to stick by the attitude. The inevitability of ends – therein lies a beauty, that is both terrifying and comforting.



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