Lululemon Athletica – loyal through your Downward Dog today and will still go with the flow 5 years from now


A daily hit of athletic-induced endorphins gives you the power to make better decisions, helps you be at peace with yourself, and offsets stress. – Lululemon Manifesto

As promised, a post on the brand I’m currently raving about – Lululemon Athletica

Yoga-inspired Athletic Apparel
Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Lululemon Athletica (usually simply referred to as Lululemon; NASDAQ: LULU) was founded in 1998 by Dennis “Chip” Wilson in response to increased female participation in sports, with accordance to his belief in yoga as the optimal way to maintain athletic excellence in modern times.

Now an internationally running product line, Lululemon operates approximately 201 stores, There are also showrooms in Hong Kong and Great Britain, and Singapore too. Most recently, I have found out that Yoga Movement at Tanjong Pagar carries selected pieces of Lululemon apparel as well.

Lululemon’s product range ventures from running to yoga; basically any sweaty sport one might find themselves in.

The Fabric makes a difference
Without being specific, experience with past brands has left me utterly impressed with my lululemon purchases.

1. Stink, stretch and touch
I sweat – A LOT when I work out. And as clean as any human body may be, sweat invites bacterial metabolism, of which produces that sour-sweat smell. The problem with most fabrics is that they tend to absorb the smell, and it takes about a soak and two washes to get it smelling powder fresh. However over washing then leads to the next issue with the fabric feeling all weird and over stretched. Further, I hate being rubbed the wrong way – being poked or feeling a mild burn mid yoga-practice from your capris/sports tops can get annoying.

What is great about the fabric for lululemon is that their sports bras are moisture wicking. This means reduced moisture absorption, thus no smell! Further, items that are listed as Silverescent inhibits the growth of bacteria. (Hooray!)

Flat and bonded seams, seamless fabrics and elastic on the outside of hems – that means extra fabric and stitching aren’t rubbing against your body. This together with the ultra cottony soft texture of the fabrics – no annoyance while practicing.

Did I mention too, that their apparel comes in the yummiest of colors?

You may order your items directly from the Hong Kong website. Shipping is really quick, 2 working days tops via DHL. Shipping from Hong Kong to Singapore is free by the way.

If you’d like to view the items first, you may head down to the Lululemon showroom at Club Street (address listed below), and Yoga Movement’s studio at Tanjong Pagar carries the line as well.

A note about sizing – if you’re unsure about what size to get, and the size guide doesn’t give you any assurance, feel free to ping the customer service team when they’re online. I had help during my first purchase.

If you find the line slightly pricey (a yoga top will set you back about 90 SGDs), my advise to you – Think if this as an investment. Whether you’re a gym bunny, budding yogi, or just love being active and all sweaty, these garments will definitely save you the stink and ouchies that you may be experiencing with your current brand of choice. Personally, I’d like to feel comfortable while working out so that I am actually focused on what I am doing – no friction, no tension.


(pictures – lululemon Energy Bra in melon, Skinny Satin Pirouette Headband in beaming blue)

Lululemon Showroom

83 Club Street


Singapore 69451

Yoga Movement – Tanjong Pagar

21 Tanjong Pagar Rd,


Singapore 088444


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