Review: SUP! – Stand Up Paddle



What is SUP?

Stand Up Paddling or SUP involves standing on a surf board and paddling with a canoe like oar. The origins date back to ancient times, where it was the mode of transport for Polynesians traveling from island to island.

As a sport, it originated in the 50s in Hawaii, as a way for surf instructors to manage large groups of beginner level surfers. It has since seen a revival, spreading gaining popularity in Australia, California, some parts of SEA, including Singapore.

The boards used in SUP are slightly bigger than your regular surf boards, and the oars are shaped much like those used in canoeing.


The Experience

The beginners level is a 1 hour class where the basics such as how to stand up on the board, how to paddle, and how to safely fall out of the board if you lose your balance. You will then move on to balance exercises, and the rest of the class time for you the practice. Our instructor Isabelle, was very nice to leave us with the boards for another 1.5 hours (THANK YOU!)

Mounting the board was simple enough, though the challenge is how to manipulate your weight placement, especially when entering slightly choppier waters. On flat water, once you found the sweet spot of the board, you’re good.


What to Bring

1. SUNSCREEN – you’re gonna be exposed to UV rays so this needs to justification

2. A Bikini/Board shorts is fine. Beach wear basically.

3. No to eye wear – I’d highly advise you leaving your Oakleys, Pradas or Ray Bans or whatever brand, on land. Sun glasses don’t float, so unless they’re a pair of cheap market shades, no-no.

4. Guts – be alright to fall and make splashes, do funny dances when trying to gain balance. Seriously, have fun while you’re out there in the sea!


Where, and other notes

I took my class under SUP School Singapore at Tanjong Beach, Sentosa. Instructor’s name is Isabelle. For more information about class slots and rates, you may find them here

SUP School also offers SUP – yoga (which I have yet to try!). My fooling around on the board has proven that practicing yoga on the SUP board is no easy feat. Lots of core, but its a great way to feel where the imbalances are in your body. What’s even more enticing is that you’ll be out in the sun with sea all around!


Who should SUP? YOU should SUP.




SUP School Singapore

Tanjong Beach Sentosa –

Singapore Paddle Club (SPC) sheds




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