Heart Utterances

“Never let me go,” my heart uttered. But utterances that don’t leave the heart never form into words spoken. They transform into, instead, a hope. The hope that this time, you’ll be the one to never let me go.


More than just a marathon.

when “they” spoke about love and referred to it as a marathon, there is much truth in that – you have to endure, you have to be patient, there will be blood, sweat and tears, and it will be painful at some point. But what they forgot, was that a marathon was just You in the race, with a sea of other racers.

Love between two people is more than just a marathon, its a 3 Legged marathon done in a gunny sack. Ugly, bloody, clumsy, and when one decides to run ahead, the whole thing becomes a mess. Beauty and grace is found when partners work together, and failure arises when one decides to give up or no one wants to compromise.



Love – what it means

I thought I had fallen in and out of love with a man. I had said I fell in love with the sea, I fell in love with the sky and the sun and the breeze.

But then I learnt, love wasn’t the rush, the jitters nor the butterflies..

The sea, the sky, the sun and the breeze showed me it was the freedom to be, the space and vastness these things gave, which was what I am in love with. Yet how comforting it is to know of how it transcends through time, being the same Sun/Sea/Breeze, but never entirely the same (original) object it was, but the Sun/Sea/Breeze it still was nonetheless.

I believe Love (noun), that’s probably what it feels like then; Vast, free, comforting, an endless stream of Love, never what it was originally, but Love nonetheless.