Restaurant Week – Sabio by the Sea


“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.”
― George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman

In to its 7th year, Singapore restaurant week returns with a bigger selection of restaurants in Singapore. Restaurant week went over the week of 7-13th of October this year, with seats being “choped” up really quickly, so if you didn’t manage a slot, better luck next year!

Sabio by the Sea
The 8th restaurant concept created by the Deliciae Hospitality Management in Singapore, Sabio by the Sea is a grill and tapas restaurant located in Sentosa Cove. And airy and spacious restaurant facing the marina, it didn’t feel as if we were in Singapore at all.


For Restaurant Week, Sabio by the Sea had a straightforward but very satisfying lunch set that came with a refreshing glass of Gazpacho, followed by Caviar de Berejenas (which is an eggplant mash served with garlic toast), Tapas of the day (we chose Grilled Mussels and Spanish Ham Coca) and Churros.


From the Gazpacho, to the last bite of Churros, I would admit this was one meal of greatness. Flavors were honest, and well balanced, with each dish living up to its full potential of being what they should be. The Spanish ham was freshly shaved off the leg of cured meat, and the churros (good lord, the churros) would easily be the best in Singapore (enlighten me if I am wrong here).


With the yachts basking in the glory of the sun at the marina for a view, the cove being mostly secluded and emanating a sense of calmness – along with good food, what more can you ask for; ’tis life’s simple pleasures.




Sabio by the Sea

31 Ocean Way
Singapore 098395



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