Food – an expression of what we love for the ones we love


“Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind”

20131103-210057.jpg (Clockwise from Top Left: Char Siew Rice/Fu Shi Traditional Roasted @shunfu mart, Soy Ice Cream Special/Jollibee, Earl Grey Lavender Cupcake/Plain Vanilla, Assorted picks/Da Paolo Gastronomia)

I think one of the simplest pleasures in life has got to be food and good food for that matter. Living in Singapore, I guess we’re pretty lucky to have food so accessible – both in terms of convenience and ease of getting to the location, to being able to get a decent plate of food at SG$2.50 and late/24hour operating eateries.

With our past being that of a port city, to the current insurgence of brands from all over the world, one could definitely say Singapore, is a place to EAT anything you could possibly imagine.

That aside, though I am not sure if I am speaking on behalf of the majority, but I honestly feel that the food that any of us has grown up eating holds a special place in our hearts, and the food we love, when shared, is truly, the most sincere expression of love. It is sharing a part of one’s childhood and probably really dear memories. And we only would share that side of ourselves to people we care about and trust; to have someone share with me a place/something that constitutes part of their up bringing, and thus what has made them partly who they are today, I find that moving. And dear friends who have shared that with me, believe me I am truly honored to have dined and listened to your childhood stories associated with the meal you have recommended.

(Strangers Reunion)

I think its great to have friends too, who share the same passion for good food. The excitement of trying a new place together, how when the waiter comes with the plate of unknown tastes, the crowd just seems to be beaming and and highly observant to the presentation of the dish. Presentation – I was once told that we eat with our eyes before we do with our mouths. (I will find out who said this!) A pleasant looking plate definitely shows too, the passion the chef has in feeding his guests.

20131103-201913.jpg (Plain Vanilla – shown: lemon tart, blueberry cake)

“Because you only deserve the best,” Now this is something I have always believed but never really practiced. Not til recently when my best friend wrote that on my birthday card (I know you know who you are if you should read this) Which is why spending a little more on good stuff shouldn’t even be a point of contemplation. Believe me, paying a dollar or two more to a baker/chef that only uses fresh ingredients – your tongue and stomach is gonna thank you for that trust me.

20131103-202044.jpg (Happy hour at Tanuki Raw, daily 5-8pm)

Happy Hour – With places that have oysters at 2 dollars a piece during happy hour, a treat to oneself after a long week, or a hectic month at work isn’t gonna burn a whole in your pocket. What more with 10 dollar drinks, it will definitely be happy (many) hours.


Parties where we share all that we love; in food, with drinks and in the conversations we have too. With people who love to eat, love good food, good company, good wine… and greatest of these is a friendship where everyone takes good care of each other. Ones who will send hugs and well wishes when you’re broken. Nothing that tender loving care and good food, and time can’t heal.

Processed with VSCOcam (Cream puff, Sun Moulin)

Last, venturing out of the norm, and having something someone loves to eat, it is kind of like learning about the other person too. So sharing with my dad his favorite cream puff, and listening to him describe how no other cream puff has even gotten close to this. You learn to appreciate other kinds of food, in a different way; you either fall in love with the taste too, or you fall in love with it for the meaning it now holds to you and the ones you love.


So why not, have tea or coffee, a good box of macaroons or cupcakes. Or sake and truffle fries, sushi steak, brunch whatever – share that with the people who matter for these are the happy things that life has offered us. Do that, and you will have a deeper appreciation for life itself.


(disclaimer: author honestly does not like cream puff, but this is one helluva cream puff!)

Photos are all author’s own,

Macaroons – Laduree Singapore
391 Orchard Road
#02-09 Takashimaya Shopping Centre

Fu Shi Traditional Roasted Meat
Blk 320, #02-25
Shunfu Mart (Shunfu Market)
Singapore 570320

Strangers Reunion
35/37 Kampong Bahru Rd
Singapore 169356

Plain Vanilla (Tiong Bahru)
Tiong Bahru Estate
1D Yong Siak Street
Singapore 168641

Tanuki Raw
181 Orchard Road
#02-03 Orchard Central
Singapore 238896

Sun Moulin
350 Orchard Road
Isetan Scotts Basement Level
Singapore 238868


41 Beach Rd
Singapore 189680


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