2013 – have you done enough?


So it’s the time of the year again, where we start that frantic search for Christmas presents and food places for celebrations and gatherings. Wallets will feel a little lighter, but that’s okay, it’s the season of giving isn’t it.

2013 has been no less eventful than the 3 years of university life prior; entering the work force as a fresh grad with hardly any work experience but being a smiley and happy scooper of ice cream. It was as if the corners of the boundaries I had set myself in melted away – grow, grow, grow, what the world seemed to be telling me.

But no matter the experiences had through the year that is soon ending, it might be wise to leave labels like “good” and “bad” aside. Surely, one has had to walk down a path where pain is felt, and if you’re a 20-something year old, more often than not I’m sure you’ve faced moments where everything just doesn’t feel like it is going to work out, or worst, all is but a lost cause. Though the path to figuring yourself out isn’t exactly a short one, and the years ahead don’t seem to promise a sense of clarity, fret not.

Yes, experiences and events can be amazing, or incredible, and incredibly painful too. Accept that these things have happened. The painful ones in particular, you’ve lived through them, and are still living through them. And if it’s loss that you’ve experienced, or are experiencing – “bad” is best left to label food that has gone past it’s expiry date. Let these be Challenges instead, stuff that has made you and is making you grow. And that isn’t a bad thing at all.

Growing, it’s as terrifying as it is exciting I’m sure. The path’s not going to get any easier, but it does get better. Continue working hard at that dream job, at that passion, continue to read and explore new things. If travel is your bug, work hard and do that. I believe in chasing the goals we have, pursuing happiness, in that pursuit there is much happiness to be had too. Don’t allow for complacency, don’t get comfortable.

Have you done enough this year? If there’s a dream worth chasing, a goal worth achieving and haven’t yet taken the first step – what are you waiting for?



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