What’s not to love? – Strawberry Shortcake How-To @ Maple & Market


“If you wait for a cake to be given to you so you will be happy- then you will be happy when someone gives you a cake. But if you buy a cake (or bake one) for yourself so you will be happy, you have found the way of happiness.”
― C. JoyBell C.


The month of December simply spells, Family Time. What better way to end a crazy work week than with a bake class at a neighborhood bakery with ones who matter most.

Maple & Market- a little bakery located at Cassia Crescent. Now they don’t just offer cakes and bakes and good coffee, Maple & Market also does dessert tables for events and the baker herself conducts baking classes too!

The siblings and I were lucky to have a class opened up for us to accommodate our crazy bee schedules.

So, this isn’t a How To post, so don’t expect any instructions here. But who would’ve known baking a strawberry shortcake would be this easy.



I think the hardest part to baking is once the thing is finally out of the oven. This is when artistry and creativity is demanded, and I have learnt that not everyone can be a baker because of this. (Siblings, you guys did a great job. Think we’re all anal and perfectionists type, too much to have anything look terrible.)


Sarah, owner of Maple & Market, gave really great tips for halving a cake into layers.


Icing the cake – No easy task, but many years as a cake decorator for an ice cream shop paid off. I love creaming cakes. That’s about how much I love cream though.

A whole bowl of cream and a punnet of strawberries later, Voila – Fin.


3 hours later, you have 4 cakes and 4 very happy siblings with cake for breakfast for the next 3 days. We’ll definitely be back for more baking fun.

Check out Maple & Market’s FB page for regular updates on classes available for the month.

Maple & Market
34 Cassia Crescent
Singapore 390034
(Walking distance from Old Airport Food Market)



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