Confessions of a Coffee Addict – Oz Specialty Coffee


“As long as there was coffee in the world, how bad could things be?”
― Cassandra Clare, City of Ashes


Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Its my lifeline alright. There is nothing that a good cup of coffee can’t fix. And how exciting to have one 5 minutes from home!

Meet Oz, located at Thomson V Two along Upper Thomson Road, slightly new to the Third Wave of Coffee movement but nonetheless delivering quality coffee from their little space. What I like most about places like these, is that you find other equally (if not more) passionate food and coffee people, who are friendly and all about sharing and spreading their love for their passion. I think passion for good food, there is nothing more human and genuine than that!

Hailing from Thailand, Pacamara (coffee beans), can only be found here. Yes, Oz is the sole and exclusive distributor in Singapore. I confess that this is my first time having coffee using Pacamara beans, but I must say, good coffee goes down smoothly (slurps!)

(Above: Beef Volcano, below: Duck Rillet and Toast)

Other than coffee, Oz Specialty Coffee has a little all day breakfast menu, and a few other food items to ring in the Christmas Cheer.


The thing about good food is that you needn’t a huge serving to feel satiated. So this humble wood slab of duck rillet was really something. Think SPAM, but instead of heavily carbed-so-called-meat-full-of-sodium, think moist, meaty duck meat held together with duck fat. Served with pickles and gherkins and toasty brioche – I died and went to food heaven (Or maybe I blacked out from my arteries clogging). Either way, the hungry girl was duly satisfied.


On a side note, your’s sincerely had a wonderful uninvited guest, who decided that he should sit with instead of his owners who were also enjoying lunch but at a different table. Cutiepie, you’re welcomed at my table any day.

So if you’re a Thomson kid, appreciate good coffee and chilling the afternoon away, or equally enthusiastic and passionate (if not more) about coffee, Oz Specialty coffee is the way to go.

(dog not included)





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