24 December 2013 – Christmas Eve, 5 things for you


Its the eve of the big day, Christmas. Christmas to my family is a big thing. So the day’s been spent preparing the Christmas feast, last minute buys and deciding the wine of the meal. A little tensed. Still much like the pace of the year; constantly busy and up and about, chasing up deadlines. As in my previous post, stepping back and slowing down the pace is in fact a healthy thing to do. I encourage everyone to do the same, though it really requires lots of self discovery to find what your own personal balance is; when to go go go and when its time to slow down and think about things.

Here’s some of the things I do that keep the balance:

1. Eat Well – And I don’t mean in quantity and volume of food. But paying attention to your food choices for a meal, understanding what you are actually eating – its caloric density, carb-fat-protein ratio. Making a meal purposeful in getting your body the nutrients it needs, rather than making it a mindless/stress driven decision.


2. Exercise – Whether its running, dancing or yoga-ing, whatever you choose. Sweating it out does wonders. Releases tension and feel good hormones. Gets your blood flowing and as a plus, keeps off the pounds!


3. Standing up and taking a moment to reflect – React -it comes instinctually, its human. What helps when responding to situations (especially trying/challenging/ones that hit that nerve) though, is to stand up and let all your thoughts run through first without acting on them. It is very normal to want to react at that moment, and it is fine to feel all that you are; let it pass. What is important is that you attend to how you are feeling and understanding that it will pass. And when it does, you will be in a better state of mind to handle the situation.


4. Start the morning well – Find what works for you. Whether its 10mins of your morning dedicated to a good stretch, or settling down to a cup of coffee, do that. Give thanks to having a new day, a fresh start, another chance to do something great.


5. Be thankful for – When times seem to be going crazy and I get tempted to whine and complain about why things are the way they are, it helps when I think about what there is to be thankful for in the situation I’m in. Thinking outside the struggle and difficulty is hard, but you will realize the wonders it does and how you will see things as they really are and less as we are.



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