hello 2014

“It is important for all women to remember that if you’re lying in bed next to someone who doesn’t make you feel like the goddess that you are, it’s time to re-evaluate what it is that you need as a woman,” – Lady Gaga

Happy 2014! Now that 2013 is done and dusted, its best we leave all that has past to rest. Move along because it is a new year; new surprises, new challenges. It won’t be getting easier, but I’ll tell you something – that is precisely why it is all going to be worth it. I am a believer of the saying “without struggle there can be no progress,”

Keeping to the tradition of resolutions, this year instead of attaining THINGS, here are 5 things for a happier year ahead:


(Iced Thai Coffee – OZ Specialty Coffee)

1. Stop, have coffee and be happy.

Good coffee makes me happy. Greater yet is a good cup enjoyed with close friends and honest conversations. In my years in university and in the year that had just past, I realized how busy I had allowed myself to be, and I am sure this is a routine many of us fall into. So while I work hard to achieve some other set goals in life, I think what is important too, is to attend to loved ones, discover and rediscover the persons that they are and are growing to be.

Also, taking time to actually BE in the moment and BE happy with the things we have in the now, before you continue in your pursuit of happiness.


2. Breathe

Breathe in and let it go. Situations affect you only insofar as you allow them to. Worry and fuss less over what you cannot control, always think of moving forward.


(Yoga Movement at Tanjong Pagar)

3. Move out of your comfort zone.

I think being comfortable is the death of all life and passion. Constantly challenge yourself and explore spaces that feel different or are not part of your routine. Do something different, a new arm balance in yoga class, a new move on the dance floor. Maybe even doing some volunteer work. Anything that challenges you, helps you grow.


(Maple and Market)

4. Learn something new

If there is one thing that I would hope my future children to have, is that lifelong desire to learn. We often say, how the world seems to be getting smaller. But how much of this world do you actually know? Whatever school has taught you, take it as a skill set to apply that to learning for the rest of your life. There is always something that we do not know, always something yet to be discovered. This year, I’m gonna explore the world of wines, and if time should allow me, what makes good cupcakes taste so good. How about you?


(Rose and Gingerbread – Laduree)

5. Be kind and respect yourself

I know. You should’ve done better. Why aren’t you doing enough. I have disappointed myself, my friends, family etc. Pushing yourself on, and at times failing, are all part of growing and and learning about the world and even of yourself. Talk like that is normal, but remember to be kind to yourself and respect that you are human, you and your other humans will make mistakes. Remember that, remember #2 (breathe and let it go) and move forward.



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