Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day


“Sometimes a girl needed more than Special K with Red Berries in the morning. This qualified as one of those mornings.”
― Stephanie Julian, By Private Invitation

And glory be such a Sunday. I savour Sundays where I get to wake up without the need for my alarm, spending the afternoon drinking tea and looking for recipes on Pinterest.

No rush.

No push.

In the pantry, I’ve got my ever available supply of oats, and organic cocoa powder. And as I begin to cut back on dairy in my diet, I have hazelnut milk (yummier yet, this is chocolate hazelnut milk). Oats are one of those things, kinda plain, served warm. Kinda something most people wouldn’t naturally think as really awesome and yums. Well well well, behold, overnight oats.

Oats are perfect vehicles of flavour – they soak up any liquid you soak them in, whilst also adding a wonderfully earthly, cereally dimension. So while my oats are being soaked in chocolate hazelnut milk, and cocoa, here’s a work week worth of recipes to get you started! I have selected these recipes as the ingredients are readily available here in SG, but the options are limitless. So how about a week of overnight oats for breakfast on your last week of February?


Peanut Butter Cup overnight oats


Apple Pie overnight oats


Superfood Overnight Oats


Choco-banana overnight oats


Pumpkin Overnight Oats




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