Sundays with


“When its gone, you’ll know what a gift love was. you’ll suffer like this. So go back and fight to keep it.” ― Ian McEwan, Enduring Love

Sundays are much to be savoured in current times. Its strangely yet another month into the year. Oh where time has escaped to.

I’ve become addicted to pinterest, and I am not sure what kind a person you must be to not be as least tempted to execute any form of inspiring posts from the wealth of pictures in that platform.

Having learnt how to make pretty crepe flowers, I was eagerly seeking ways to apply this to making something that can sit somewhere on my work desk and my vanity table.

But of course, a reed diffuser.

A reed diffuser – one of those things that sits pretty and makes the whole room swell with scent. A reed diffuser could set you back about 70 dollars, and up to 150 dollars for a bigger, fancier one. And thanks to pinterest, I was able to find ideas and DIY posts on making one at a fraction of the price.


What you will need:
1. Mineral Oil
2. Essential Oil
3. Bamboo/Wood Skewers
4. Rubbing alcohol
5. Glass bottle (preferably with a narrow opening)

Fill your container with about 75% full of the mineral oil. Johnson’s baby oil is a perfect choice for this in fact, it is purely mineral oil, easy to find, and retails at about 2.95 per bottle.

Next, you add in your essential oil. About 20-30 drops. The one I picked today was from Body Shop’s Home Fragrance oil range, which retails at 12.90 SGD per bottle, or 19.90 SGD for two. I used Jasmine and White fragrance today, which is slightly floral and sweet, with a musky undertone. Feel free to experiment with different oils. Would think eucalyptus and lavender will smell wonderful too.

I added a few drops of alcohol into the mixture. If you surf pinterest, some leave the alcohol out, and some would use Vodka as the alcohol base in the mixture. What the alcohol does is to help the oils travel up the skewers.


Dunk a few skewers into your bottle, and let it stand for a day before flipping them over just to get the skewers nicely doused with the fragrance.

And voila – your very own reed diffuser!


You may wish you embellish your new diffuser as well. What I’ve made, are crepe paper flower pom-poms. As pretty and delicate as they look, they are extremely easy to make. Look this up on Martha Stewart’s Craft page here. I attached the flowers at different heights as a preference.


Growing up, my mom and I would always have little art projects to work on, of which somehow dwindled as I grew up. But these are the things which I love – learning, crafts, and seeing how gentle and persistent work, and a little bit of science can create things of beauty.

And if it should help, if you find yourself drowning in the greys and cold of the city life, know that where beauty that exists in the images of your mind, beauty can be created and made to exist around you. As Rumi has articulated perfectly, “your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built.”

Happy Sunday ❤



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