And we meet halfway – C’mon, have a smoothie


“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.” – Buddha

And to find peace, make yourself a smoothie.


1 small banana
2 tbsp flaxseeds, soaked
8 oz unsweetened soy milk
1 slice of lemon
1 kiwi


Soak flaxseeds in hot water. You will notice that in 15minutes, a clear gel forms. No worries, but this is good stuff.

Add all ingredients into blender. Serve over ice.

Sneaky tip:
One trick I found, was to have my fruits diced, and freezed in a zip lock bag the night before. Leave it to thaw slightly before blending, and you have a nice cold smoothie without the ice!

Go forth and conquer the week! While i whip up some more smoothies before the weekend.



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