Hello Midweek – Sugar, spice and everything nice


“It is one thing to fall in love. It’s another to feel someone else fall in love with you, and to feel a responsibility towards that love,” – Everyday, David Levithan

With March zipping by, I am not quite sure of what to make of the notion of time anymore. Where does it go, how is it possible that a minute is a steady count of 60 seconds, when months seem to run faster than you can sing your ABCs.

But I am looking forward to April no less. 3 Major life events though it may hardly sound major, but definitely major to me.

1. RAD Intermediate Exam
2. My long and much needed trip to Melbourne (OOYAY)
3. I am turning 25 (screwdissheet)

There is much to say for #1 – For the fact that clearing this exam means that I am eligible to take on my teachers’ training in ballet for both RAD and CSTD, the fact that I am not 25 yet and achieving this, having had trained with a scholars’ program on the last year of my uni life, having taught classes for 5 years now, and the fact that I only started ballet at a very late age of 18. While most girls achieve this at a tender age of 11-13 if they start at 3, I am proud of my hard work at having achieved this in my short 7 years. I owe this to being blessed with an amazing teacher and to having had the opportunity to train under 2 very established teachers/professional dancers. Not only being teachers whom I hold at great respect, they inspire me everyday, to work hard, and to never give up just because I wasn’t trained to dance at a young age.

A little more on #2 and #3 in posts to come. While I urge you, to never give up on your life’s passion, sometimes we do need something a little sweet, a little bitter to keep us on track.

Coffee Syrup
Equal Parts instant coffee, sugar and water. 10 seconds at a time to dissolve all sugar crystals. 1/3 parts (this is 1/3 the amount of 1 part of either ingredient) condensed milk at the end. Store in a clean glass jar. Consume and Enjoy.

While this may sound a little off tangent, I am convinced that seasoned runners have found wisdom from the lengths they have covered and this is why. When hills present themselves along the needed path, a runner is wise to pace him or herself up the hill. While time is precious, giving up is not an option, thus the only way is to take on the hill in his or her own time. For a runner knows, for every uphill struggle, what will soon follow, is a smooth and steady path to the finish line.

Bonne journée,



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