I’ll make it like your birthday, everyday – Melbourne 2014


“Travel brings power and love back into your life,” – Rumi

20140501-224911.jpgYes, the thing about travelling is that one is often left with a syndrome commonly known as “post-holiday-blues” – No doubt I am suffering from a variant of it; who wouldn’t after being charmed and swept away by a city like Melbourne.
I could relate Melbourne to a cup of coffee – bold, strong, with little underlying flavours that hold the city together and simply warms you up. More on coffee and food places in a separate post.

Puffing Billy – Mount Dandenong

20140501-225004.jpgSo you see, spending 2 weekends in Melbourne felt like a 10 day long birthday celebration. More than that, it allowed me to observe and have a brief experience of what it is like living in the city. Touristy things aside, the mere luxury of space opened my mind, and assured me that there is a place on earth that is as what I imagine home to be. 20140501-225251.jpgSurf huts – Brighton Beach


Surf huts – Brighton Beach. Each hut is different, painted by their owners20140501-225445.jpg


The south side of Melbourne was such a treat, from the market (which I will speak more of in another post,) to Brighton Beach, and of course St. Kilda’s and the theme park, Luna Park. Think families and weekends, fun fair grub, and the sound of children playing, and screaming over rides still manually operated.20140501-225502.jpg
Ferris Wheel, Luna Park20140501-225532.jpgSunset at the Gibson Steps along Great Ocean Road


But of course, the great ocean road is a must. No matter how touristy this is, nothing beats being confronted by nature. Winds, sun, sand, bush, eucalyptus trees, and the amazing sound of waves crashing against limestone and shorelines. A humbling reminder of how small we really are in this world.

20140501-225844.jpgThe Twelve Apostles, Great Ocean Road

Let me spoil this for you – there were never 12 limestone stacks to begin with. Formerly known as the Mother pig and her piglets, the limestone stacks were renamed the Twelve Apostles in light of how much tourism it was generating. Piglets or Apostles, the sight was no less breath taking. Where writers have spoken of the sea as a temptress, calling upon sea-men and their ships; I now understand the temptation of the waves. Strong, powerful and unrelentingly striking the shoreline, yet peaceful and calming.


20140501-225700.jpgIn a way, you could say I have rediscovered the meaning of being whole. Often, we get so caught up in chasing – chasing after things that after contemplating, may not even be important or needed for that matter. Chasing after phantoms which we think will make us happy, “better” or maybe even give us bragging rights. But are such endeavours really important? More important than creating a kind of life that was actually lived ? When was the last time you woke up without wishing you had 5 more minutes to stay in bed in loath of the day ahead or the mere fact that you just simply feel so drained and tired? Why can’t life be lived such that you would wake up and be able to afford the 5 minutes, to enjoy watching the clouds dance, to realise the sun’s warmth on your skin?

And it shouldn’t be forgotten, I was surrounded with much love while in Melbourne – my dear ones who gave me strength when I was shattered, thank you for constantly showering me with the love and care that I have now come to understand as the only right way of living as a deserving human being. If I were asked the question, “What will you leave behind in this world, as a mark of your existence?” – It is to be a reminder to people who I have crossed paths with, people who have since become important people in my life, and me in their’s (hopefully) that they are deserving human beings, deserving of the love that they do, to remind them that the universe that resides in them is wealthy with determination and strength to carry out what it is, that is their answer to this very question.

In Melbourne, I have understood the kind of love, the kind that heals.





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