Make them dance, just like you – sweets, treats and coffee in Melbourne



“Life is so endlessly delicious.”― Ruth Reichl


 Life, it has its own funny way with things – and however stressful or ridiculous a situation you find yourself in, I say, treat yourself. It’s the only thing that will make sense. Trust me.
What I love about food, really, is the people who put their heart into preparing it. From the smallest of desserts, to even a cup of coffee. If there is heart, you can taste it.
And thats what I appreciate about the food I had while in Melbourne. While I have saved the best for last, i.e Brunch places, here’s a list of all the sweets, treats, and coffee that I managed to stomach. I definitely had more than this, but these are the ones definitely not to miss.

20140503-144035.jpgMr Burger – Mr Burger Food Truck (

I wish i could sink my teeth into another one of those right now.

Corner Flinders St and Swanston St
11:00am – 8:00pm

20140503-144048.jpgQueen Victoria Market – Not only produce, but cured meats, sandwiches, chocolates, pizza, tea, coffee and the list goes on.



American Doughnuts (in Queen Vic Market) – Fried fresh, with a strawberry jam centre. This was really such a treat. They operate from a food truck, find them by finding the queue.




Can you say no? Bratwurst Shop Co, Queen Vic Market Deli hall.



Coffee and a blueberry danish – Had this after a Pilates session at the City Baths – If you know me, you’d know I hate danishes. But this was just great. Packed with blueberries, a smooth thin layer of custard, and amazingly crisp pasty crust.




Coffee is my remedy. Coffee is pretty great everywhere in Melbourne. But each pull and brew has its own character and flavour. Without sounding like a coffee snob, I’m gonna use just one word (though it will hardly do the cup any justice) to describe each cup.

Robust – The Little Mule
19 Somerset Place



Smooth (based on the cup I had that day) – Assembly Coffee
60 Pelham Street, Carlton, Victoria 3053


Winey – Brother Baba Budan
359 Little Bourke Street
For some reason, I adore this Brother Baba. By the same people behind 7 Seeds.



Perfect – Switch Board
I found my little hole in the wall.
220 Collin’s Street, Manchester Unity Arcade



Buttery (lovely people by the way!)- Oli and Levi
446 Collin’s Street


Strong – Plantation
Shop 253, Level 2, Melbourne Central


Earthly – Padre Coffee South Melbourne Market
Stall 33, South Melbourne Market


I must have had more coffee than that.

Now, South Melbourne Market. Personally I like this market over Queen Vic. But the experience is different. At South Melbourne, you’ll find loads of dried goods and health foods, quirky gifts and home deco. Be sure to grab some fresh oysters while you’re there!



And outside the market, sits this real beauty of a cafe. Chez Dre. I would definitely revisit this place.20140503-144457.jpg

Week long birthday remember? We had the Mango Passion St. Honore, red bean macaroon, and a lychee, raspberry and coconut dome.




Everyone should visit Brunetti, especially the one along Lygon Street.  The place is huge – think counters of sweet treats, a coffee bar, a walkway of cake displays and families all around. It’s the place to be for birthdays, and even just with the family after a good cosy dinner.



Macaroons. If you are one who likes Laduree, think of La Belle Miette as her very likeable fairy-like sister.20140503-144648.jpg

Crisp shell, fully aromatic. Bite into one and a whole burst of fresh flavours dances across your palate. But then it slowly fades without a trace. No clawing sweetness. 20140503-144726.jpg


N2 Gelato



Just go for it. Liquid Nitrogen gelato. While I am very traditional when it comes to gelato, this is worth the visit. Interesting flavours, but note that their flavour menu changes from time to time. So follow them on Instagram (@n2melbourne)



Gelato. Gelato is a must.
254 Lygon Street, Carlton

20140503-144836.jpg(Hardware Societe)

It is amazing, how readily accessible good food is to everyone here. Coffee ranges at 3-4 dollars a cup, while sandwiches packed with fresh ingredients range hover at about 5 bucks. You’ll never be hungry, nor disappointed.

Good food and a comfortable life – much of me thinks that these are only rightful things any human being should have access to.

Serious thoughts aside, I miss Melbourne. More on the amazing brunch places next time.







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