Are we there yet?

“They say there’s linings made of silver folded inside each raining cloud”


 Recent reflections have led me down the path of questioning shared beliefs, values of the people I am surrounded by, and of trends. The idea of commitment, and the idea of the ideal.

20140511-225043.jpg   While in ballet, we strive to achieve perfection, and there is only 1 form of this perfection, I doubt such ideals exist in life. And that can be okay, though this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t stay committed to ourselves in achieving the things in life we so wish to.

20140511-224747.jpg commitment kəˈmɪtm(ə)nt noun

1. the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.

2. an engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action. 

Which leads me on to how it seems to be trending, the whole eat clean hashtag, and yoga moves. This isn’t necessarily bad, I do hope people who get into this see this as a commitment too; to themselves, for a healthier mind and body, and not merely to jump into the bandwagon, and start throwing “gluten-free” and “low GI” around for the sake of throwing them around (some of us here actually do have gluten/sugar sensitivities FYI). Being healthy for the self, for there isn’t enough time to be living life chasing after something, for someone else, nor for some-many-ones else.


Whether I am or am not going through what is called a quarter life crisis, I fear age in the way that it robs one of the ability to remember – to reach a point to biologically and physically, and thus mentally, be unable to grow. Such a fate is one that I cannot learn to not fear. Another fear – is to realise once I am old and grey, that I had lived my live in unquestioned conformity. Conformity – a word that has been coming up in these recent reflections. It is a nasty word at times. Have we lived life, without questioning things that are being commonly accepted? The ideas of beauty, of right and wrong, of what we believe our partners should do and should be. Have we spent too much efforts in wanting things that mean so little, that hardly even make up the bigger picture, the grand plan of things. Or has life really taken such a meagre form? Wouldn’t be a disfavour to ourselves, to live an unexamined life? 20140513-205206.jpg (Group therapy, 49 Duxton Road)

I think the greatest appreciation I have in life now, are the conversations and exchanges that I am blessed to have with loved ones still. Sometimes, and it is very easy to, we get caught up amongst these trends and fads, being in the know, having the latest and the biggest the best, that we leave behind the true ones, the ones that matter.




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