what is this all about?



“We are our choices,” – John Paul Sartre




(Banana Loaf – Kith Cafe)

Of priorities and choices, beginnings and their ends. Consequences, while we can only foresee as much as our minds are capable of doing so, consequences – do they guide our every choice then? Logically, only insofar as we are able to see what consequences are brought about by our actions. Then, can we be blamed for not being able to foresee what you couldn’t have possibly so? How can it be then, a weakness to consult the views of experienced ones, and of elders.

This is not to say that we live a life pre-laid out for us, but more so, that we live a life we choose, yet understanding that there may be other paths that lie alongside, hidden by the untrained eye.

Choice and Ends. I believed ends were the result of our choosing. To leave, to walk away, that is a choice. And as painful as it sounds, everyone has a choice to walk away. From you, from the ones they once loved or still love. Choice is the reason for the heartbreaks and parting. But as firmly as I believe in this, for why things happen, I believe there are reasons too, beyond choice. Whether it is the mind’s way of keeping its sanity, or the human disposition to grasp on to the concept of hope as a means of reconciling unrelated/unexplainable events.

Events; Sunday brought me much pleasantries – A new favourite haunt, GAEst along McCullum Street. While I risk exposing this place to much of the general public, in all honesty, this is the place for brunch. And I hope they stay, and continue doing what they do best – honest food.




(Crackled Pork Sandwich, Breakfast platter – Gaest, 21 McCullum Street)


(Pork Crackle Sandwich – Gaest, 21 McCullum Street)



Where pain resides, hope does too – that all is not in vain, all was not for naught. Many a times, where things happen beyond our control, where things happen as an unforeseeable consequence of our actions/culmination of actions, possibly so that these are the life events meant to shape us. The idea of eventuality – all things happen in its time and in its place if and when it is meant to happen.





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