So I’ve since been hooked on a particular Japanese Manga-turned-Drama series, Minakata Jin. This drama series is based on the manga, Jin, written by Motoka Murakami.


The series follows a Japanese brain surgeon, who was transported back in time to the Edo period, where he faces many challenges – medical, and moral.


What got me hooked (besides the wonders of disease and medicine) was that each episode was heavy with a certain philosophical theme. How and why we make certain decisions, and how as human beings, we come to terms with inevitable pain and loss, what it means to be selfless, and how actions should be pursued as a means to a greater end, more than an end for one’s own gains. More powerfully so, the fact that we should attend to our choices, seemingly harmless or extremely painful – life is much like a trail of dominos. One leads on to the next, and the only way in life, is forward. 20140608-212546-77146667.jpg

(Carpenter and Cook Jr, 17 Jasmine Road, Singapore 576585)


As I move forward with my life, while possibilities excite me, I often question if the anxiety and worry that seems to tag along with it is normal. Change, however inevitable seems to be a concept uncomfortable for most – myself included.


 1. an act or process through which something becomes different.
And I guess that is perfectly normal.
However, change does not seem to fully capture this process of moving forward. This change is in fact growth, and to a large extent, a revelation – of the persons that we truly are, and the growth in our beings to assert that.
So let it not daunt you, to move forward. And if scars may bleed as you do, always remember the feeling of the pain it brings leaving you as it once did, remember the end goal, that if you should ever give up will be a disfavor to yourself. And no one is deserving of such a disfavor.
Hope, hang on to that. For we are only given challenges we can overcome.


“Grief does not change you… It reveals you.”  – John Green



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