One for the weekend – bound to be set free










“listen to your heart, it’s gonna tell you what you need,”




(Kamquat Tart – Hatterstreet)

So it has been a busy start to the second half of 2014 which is why I haven’t had the time to sit down and write anything. Its easy, to get caught up in the buzz of everything, but how very important it is to reflect on all the things that have happened. Something I have learnt – analysing the lessons you can draw from any situation. The good stuff AND bad stuff, how you conducted yourself through it, and how you were able/unable to communicate. Place outcomes secondary for a moment, and reflect upon the situation.

You see, and I am sure I am stating the obvious here – we only get to be in our 20s once. It is only once that we get to be “new” and thus, almost permissible to make mistakes. This is also the time to grow – to make mistakes and analyse them, to push hard and beyond the comfort zone, because it is only once that you get this chance to do so. This will set the stage for the next 20 years ahead.

In one of Rumi’s writings, he says that “the art of knowing is knowing what to ignore,” While I believe this takes time and experience, I truly believe in this. The more you place it imperative upon yourself to look into the situation and beyond it, the more the extraneous and maybe insignificant elements seem to melt away.

What do I mean? I mean less drama.

Very much so, what we perceive to be an obstacle at times, is just a blanket (sometimes many layers of blankets) that which hides matters that we should in fact pay attention to. Be it real standing issues, or maybe just a situation that needs to be understood. In a way, we should take it upon ourselves to see that before 30, extraneous drama will be done with once and for all – there is just too much to handle (yes life should be that way cause the world isn’t just about oneself) and it is just too draining and time consuming. Do you really want to waste your time worrying and pouring resources over matters so unnecessary?



  1. the state of being happy.
    People often speak of happiness as an illusive aspect of life. I don’t think it is as illusive, I too am supportive of the notion that happiness is an active state of mind. Thus I would say, I am happy. After the heartbreaks and the disappointments, after going through all the crying and growing pains. I am happy – with all the things happening around me, happy to be where I am – because though I am not where I desire to be, where I want to achieve to be, I am where I have to be.
    Equally important to living vehemently for one’s cause, is to understand that setbacks or perceived stalls – these are just points in life to keep you (only temporarily) in the place you need to be. And be happy with that, for it is in this place where you have the opportunity for growth and understanding. And with growth and understanding comes less drama, and thus more time for the ones who matter, the ones you love, and time again to realise happiness and its presence.



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