Be your own hero.

“Because everyone else is trying to save themselves”


While statement is on the rather harsh end of things, the point is this – you should not depend on anyone else but yourself to find yourself, and find your happiness. Feelings being feelings, they are subjective – here we dive into the realm of quality, and no matter how we try to quantify this (scales, ratings) a number 2 on your happiness scale may mean and feel entirely different from another’s 2 of their happiness scale.

So in a recent meet up, I had an eye opening experience taking the bus through Little India on my way to Jalan Besar. The crowd is madness, and people gather and rush up buses – the scene reminds me much of a zombie apocalypse. Think humans with wide hungry eyes, arms reaching forward and round after round of people trying to shove their way into an already filled bus.

And I don’t mean this as an offense in any way, just prepare yourself mentally, for the number of people who seem to congregate in that area.


But I would say the walk from Little India to Jalan Besar was manageable, 3 parrallel streets down and I found myself along its quiet stretch.

The food centre next to Jalan Besar stadium, along Tyrwhitt road now houses my beloved Long House Duck Rice. The old adage, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, while the way to a women’s is nostalgia,” definitely has truth in that, I would travel (and bear through a rather uncomfortable commute,) just to have this. And nothing beats having a good old plate of duck rice.

Tyrwhitt road is also home to some well knowned cafes (if you’re into that). Google that street and you’ll find post after post on Chye Seng Huat. What follows is a blog post dedicated to all the cafes in Jalan Besar: more hip than Tiong Bahru?

Desserts found us at Tiramisu Hero, which is just across the road from the hawker centre.


Mud Pie
20140713-185801-68281927.jpg Classic Mommahero

While I have arrived late in the field of hawker food appreciation, I have learnt to appreciate this aspect that sets this tiny city apart. More interestingly, is this city’s F&B profile – cafés that occupy shophouses right next to a hawker food centre, and Jalan Besar isn’t the only neighborhood that is like this.

Good food and good company definitely does make life feel a lot less overwhelming, at the end of the day, we all have a choice when it comes to matters of our own happiness. Though we too cannot force anyone to make decisions according to your life’s plan (they are exercising their rights to make their own decisions, whether misguided or rational), we should be vehemently dedicated to understanding what it is we need, and separating that from what it is that we want, and also, to decide if these things that we want, how beneficial are these things to our own well being.

So go on, and be the hero in your story. (And happy eating!)



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