So strong, so forceful – the way you have always wanted to be


IMG_2360.JPG(View of the Singapore city skyline of the CBD area, from Ku De Ta Singapore, Marina Bay Sands)


LIFE had definitely got in the way. Weeks are running, how few weeks do we have left of 2014?


To each his own, and with each day we discover more of who we are. As we grow, we become braver to assert ourselves, for time is not on our side. How long are you going to stand on someone else’s grounds?

Late have I discovered a post from – on the Staying Philosophy where she quotes Donald Miller, from his book, Through Painted Deserts, Light, God and Beauty on the Open Road:



Roll the word around on your tongue for a bit. It is a beautiful word, isn’t it? So strong and forceful, the way you have always wanted to be. And you will not be alone. You have never been alone. Don’t worry. Everything will still be here when you get back. It is you who will have changed.


And like Isa, I agree that what we fear most, isn’t exactly losing people; it is rather, learning to able to live life without a particular person – whom represents a certain comfort and habit in our lives.

Having said that, I find myself on the flip side of things. The desire to leave. Leave – we all have to do so, one day, in one way or another. Leave, we NEED to. And this desire to leave, I mean departing from the norms I had once believed I needed to conform to/emulate.


It is okay to be different, and to desire different things, or even, to desire the same things, but differently.


“Why are you not____?” or “You possess (such and such a quality) but why are you not like (so and so)?” – Do you find yourself often being faced with such questions? I would have to Hi5 you on that.

While in my younger days, admittedly I believed that it was possible that there was something wrong about me, which was why I never seemed to follow the stencil that seemed to draw out the life paths of my peers.  But the truth is, there is nothing wrong. But this self discovery and acceptance, while altogether liberating, leads on to a lonely and difficult path ahead. True friends will accept you, fair weathered friends might leave, and some might even despise you. And days can get painfully solitudinous – but take heart, for while it is a lonely path, it is not a path trekked alone.


And here is where I urge you to be brave, and to be compassionate towards yourself. And it will all be worth it.

To put it into an imagery, seabirds, while being birds, would be happy merely flying, but true happiness is flying out to the open sea – facing the crisp air and icy oceans, and not confined to the safe boundaries of lands, no matter how vast.


“Solitude is fine but you need someone to tell that solitude is fine.” ― Honoré de Balzac


It is fine.






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