my dream is done I’m still in love

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“The distance is quite simply much too far for me to row
It seems farther than ever before
Oh no.” Death Cab for Cutie, Transatlanticism

IT was these lyrics, that took me back in my moment of almost sleep, to a memory; so old yet fresh. Maybe 3 years ago, at Death Cab’s concert, the first concert I attended with this person. The chords, and then Ben opened the song, soon followed that guitar riff – my hands clasping his, and my mind dancing with the waves and crashes of melody.

Love – In that moment, was captured. and Ben sings, “I need you so much closer,” I felt him squeezing my hand back, and I smiled. “So come on, come on”

This recount of that moment in this shared history with this other person, this is not to be mistaken as a longing for a person in particular. But a realm above that if you’d allow me to explain. Which I will, and which you can choose to read or not to read.

The song led me to see how I had spun a thick cocoon around this particular moment. But my memory of it has changed. The face of the actual person, who existed in that chronological moment, does not appear in that memory.

I remember the time; it was evening time, all was dark except the stage where Ben and the rest of the band was. I remember the lights; Blue and green streams of light were hovering over the crowds, at times lighting up our faces and the faces of the people around us. I remember the sounds; the music was loud and travelled through my ears, my body and my soul. I remember the soul; the warm of another’s hand in mine, fingers locked. A wave of warmth had cradled my heart.

I will never forget it – not that it was the best memory, or that I miss this particular person.

I will never forget it because in that moment, it was revealed to me that Love is real. That it exists in you and outside of you, within and around.

And while this person has ceased to be of any part of my life currently, and while this is by no means a bench mark for the memories I have yet to have had – it is significant, in its essence of being but a memory, a glossy marble along this path I tread, amongst many marbles I will discover along the way.

And for you, that particular memory you hold – That is this for you. Your reminder that love is real.

And when the time comes, for love to find you again. You will know never to deny its reality and its presence. Sure, we can blame the previous, and the previous-previous, and the previous-previous-previous and all the previouses, for making us the way we are, for making us close up, freeze, reactive and protective, and maybe even dying a little – but the fact remains. Love is real. And the choices you make with it, that is your responsibility.

So live a little, and let live.

(So come on, come on)



The song:


Seoul Searching II


“You keep your feelings safe like letters in a bottle,” – No Lies, Jason Reeves.

2014’s coming to an end; last 4 weeks of the year. Are you ready?

The past month has been a whirlwind of experience no less, 2014 is proving to be a year of tests and of self discovery.

While I had placed my Yoga TT on hold indefinitely, a path that I was hoping for through it, presented itself in this “normal” routine of my life. The guiding light of which was Love and Compassion.

The meaning of it, or more of what it really means. Love – it exists only in the realm of totality i.e. true love means to love everything in the whole sense, and it is itself definitive. Love does not exist as different types, but love essentially is love – the feeling of it is the same for family, close friends, and lovers. Where the situation is the add on. For example, we speak of familial love as a type of love. But what it should be described as – it is still love, with the addition that it extends to members of one’s family. What this “addition” is, is defined by one’s own belief of what family is.

In the case of a lover – the love is the basis (the same love that which familial love is based on) with the addition that it is applicable to your lover – in one’s definition of what it is to love a lover.

This was, a conclusion drawn after clearing out some of the drawers in my room. I hadn’t realised how much I was keeping, stowed away, out of sight. Things that once used to mean something to me, of which have since faded into the background of memories that comprise of my self history. And by mustering the courage to dump all that out into the trash – Cathartic this was; and like the air was new and I was left thirsty and hungry for it. The air of hope, of life to be, and the future possibilities that goes beyond my mind’s capacity of imagination.

And it was like falling in love – with Life. And when you fall in love with Life, its good, bad, highs and lows, celebrations and tragedies – you come to love the ones around you in that same way – their flaws and their strengths, in their times of weakness and in their glory days. You love them, in Whole.

Because that is essentially what love is – it exists in a state of Wholeness.

And to love in love’s true sense, is to have compassion.


com•pas•sion (kəmˈpæʃ ən)

a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for someone struck by misfortune, accompanied by a desire to alleviate the suffering; mercy.

At this time – I am not sure which will need to come first; love or compassion. But I do know that they need each other to exist.

Humans, being social beings that they are, are able to sense the basis of another human being’s actions. In that sense, love and compassion sometimes isn’t about letting another have his/her way just so – but from a place of love and compassion, if it comes down to being dead harsh, where the truth may be painful – this isn’t being any less loving or compassionate.


How does that seep into our existence and lives?

One things for sure – you fall in love with life, yet there is this sense of which you know not to hold on to anything longer than one should. You come to accept that things change, that sentimentality can exist as one aspect of your heartbeat, and not in keeping tension and material things. And we learn to do without – without burdens, baggage. This is acceptance.

You learn to love people and yourself as they are, as you are, you come to see things as they are, and not how you believe people, yourself, things should be.


Seoulscapade I

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“I give you this to take with you: Nothing remains as it was. If you know this, you can begin again, with pure joy in the uprooting.” – Letters to My Daughters


A rather spontaneous decision to fly up to Seoul for just a few days in October, but the only regret since coming back was not having spent a longer time in this less understood vibrant city.

A city girl’s gotta love the city life – of which I pretty much did fall in love with the little of the city life in Seoul.

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Half a Sunday spent alone here was a pretty therapeutic (not saying that I did not appreciate the company of the person who actually got me there in the first place, I enjoyed it very much so,)


(Alight at Sinsa station on Line 3 of the Seoul Subway)

Blogs will tell you that the street name is from the Korean word which means tree lined, as the area was adorned with gingko trees. The street was in fact lovely, with rows and rows of independent label designers, with the big names littered in between, and quaint little cafes that were all so inviting in their own unique sense.



(Indibrand Shop –


Gentle Lady Cupcake – Seoul Gangnam-gu Sinsa-dong Garosugil 533-14 (Just off of Garuso-gil near the Chungyeon Building)  Tel. 02-549-7778

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Allo Paper Garden – 653-11, Shinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu,Seoul, Korea Tel: 82-2-541-6933


With Autumn in the air, its was as if the streets were blessed with an air of elegance from the trees from which the street has been called after. A spirit of sorts, but not in that creepy sense. But a spirit of sleepy romanticism. Cosy, warm, and delicious.



While I try to compose myself with the rest of my Seoul trip, this warm encounter with Garosul gil left me pondering upon its beauty, contemplating on the perceived view of this city, being a hub for all things related to vanity. For that moment, I thought maybe, it would be worthwhile merely to admire it, and appreciate it for the beauty that it is, rather than pealing it apart, prying and looking for negativity – much the way we tend to do with life in general.

Where there is life, there is beauty to be noticed, and equally there must be the existence of beautiful persons (and I mean this in the deeper sense of beauty, not simply on the surface).

For once maybe, standing in “mere admiration” isn’t mere at all. Man’s ability to perceive beauty – there must be a reason that goes beyond a simple possession of an ability.



into the fire that which is life


“Which doesn’t mean, of course, that I’d stopped loving her, that I’d forgotten her, or that her image had paled; on the contrary; in the form of a quiet nostalgia she remained constantly within me; I longed for her as one longs for something definitively lost.” – The Joke, Milan Kundera

It’s been one marathon of a year. As we approach the final two months of 2014, much calls for a reflection of the moments and emotions that have been had. Not to dwell upon the past, but more so, to reflect upon the growth, the lessons that were learnt along the way.

It has occurred to me (sounding kinda casual here, but yes it was close to an epiphany) that happiness is not to be found in achievements or solid moments, if solid moments were to be used to refer to milestones for the lack of a better description (no moment is solid, but ephemeral). Happiness bound to moments – and if we should only seek the same moments to relive happiness – that is stagnation, and mere repetition. Maybe happiness then, is a journey, of gratitude, of giving and of peace and compassion toward the self.

And if one were to highlight moments of the beauty in gratitude, let these serve as reminders of its existence. The real ness in the beauty of the world around us, that so easily escapes our awareness.


Graced by a hole in the wall in the heart of the CBD in Singapore – The Secret Mermaid, B1-08 Ocean Financial Centre

Of rice fields in Saenkham Terrace, Chiang Mai

A bookstore to get lost in peotry and literature
Books Actually, 9 Yong Siak Street Singapore 168645

Of good coffee, food, smiles and vibes
Auction Rooms, 103-107 Errol St, North Melbourne VIC 3051.

Of late nights with laughter and tears. Chuckle Park, 322 Little Collins Street Melbourne VIC 3000

To Lifelong friendships
Chez Dre,
Rear Of 285 – 287 Coventry St
South Melbourne VIC 03205

With Health

And family.


because you can be happy – a little bit about sake



“Drink because you are happy, but never because you are miserable.” ― G.K. Chesterton, Heretics


SO I recently attended a sake appreciation session, organised by Beam Suntory Asia, at World of Wines.

I am pretty much unstudied when it comes to sake and was definitely amazed by the complexity in making sake.

While the complexity may easily faze anyone, here are the 4 key things I learnt which will prove useful when choosing your prized bottle of sake, and deciding whether to serve it warm or chilled.


1. Rice Variety

Amongst the myriad of sake rice varieties available, there are 4 preferred/most commonly used by brewers: Yamadanishiki, Gohyakumangoku, Miyamanishiki and Omachi of which,

Yamadanishiki – Known as the Queen of sake rice as it produces a more “feminine” brew – sweet, floral and light

Omachi – Known as the King of sake rice as it produces a more “masculine” brew – robust, bright and strong

2. Rice polishing ratio

If you google this (which you will more than likely hit wikipedia) This can get a little technical. Choose one that falls into a category of Junmai Daiginjo – which means that the sake is “pure”.

Some brewers also fortify their sake by adding alcohol from a separate type to the brew, however this is not an indication of it being less luxurious, or of a lesser quality. Brewers sometimes fortify the sake to enhance the aroma, or taste of the sake. Think of it as adding layers to the flavour profile of the sake.

3. Water

Alkalinity and water source is obviously one of the things that would affect the resulting brew. Depending on the mineral content, the sake may appear yellowish or crystal clear, and may be “drier” or sweeter.

4. Maturation temperature

Sake is requires between 9 – 12 months to mature. Depending on the temperature at which it is allowed to age in will determine if the sake is best served warm or chilled.


I know I could’ve gone more into everything about sake, but for a newbie, I think this is a good starting point to depart on your sake journey.


To find out more about sake, check out Beam Suntory Asia on their Facebook page

I hear they organise food pairing and appreciation sessions, so be sure to like them to receive updates in your feed.